Snap! Woody Allen’s Open Letter To Hollywood

woody-embedPhoto: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Casting directors: They may not have boldfaced names, but your favorite movies certainly would not be the same without them. Now, Woody Allen is coming to the defense of these unsung heroes of great films.
The men and women who make casting decisions are not eligible to win Academy Awards — but, Allen would like to change that. The normally press-shy director wrote an open letter to Hollywood about the importance of casting directors, saying, "I owe a big part of the success of my films to this scrupulous casting process which I must say if left to my own devices would never have happened."
His letter coincides with tomorrow's release of the new documentary Casting By, which features his own casting director, Juliet Taylor. The film addresses the debate of making a new Oscars category for these vital, yet unrecognized members of the industry. Click here to read Allen's entire letter. (Business Insider)

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