iPhone On Its Last Legs? Get A Battery Boost

Have you noticed that the battery life on your fancy-new iPhone seems to drain incredibly fast? No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. Apple recently admitted to releasing a slim number (around 1,000) of iPhone 5s models with a manufacturing issue that impacts battery life. Trust us, we know there's nothing more fear-inducing than being out and about and seeing that little bar of red.
Even if you didn’t wind up with one of these defective devices, the new iOS7 version is still a juice-suck. Not good. So, if you're looking for simple ways to extending that battery life, the International Business Times has rounded up five must-know tips, from adjusting brightness to auto-downloading, all in the name of easing that phone-is-about-to-die anxiety. You may want to bookmark this.
openerPhoto: Via International Business Times.

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