Meet The LG G Flex — A Self-Healing Smartphone

You know that feeling when your smartphone accidentally topples to the ground? You gingerly pick it up, take a deep breath, and cross your fingers that no damage was done — as in no chips, dings, or cracked screens. Well, imagine never having to worry about anxiety like that again. According to Business Insider, LG's new "self-healing" smartphone, the G Flex, will boast a six-inch display and superhero features like vertically curved glass and a protective film that is able to heal lighter scratches all on its own, within minutes.
We could have used this last week when our phone fell and shattered into smithereens. Seriously, though — this might be the klutzy user’s dream come true. While the details are scant as to how this new technology will work and when the phone will be released in the states (it will be available to Korea carriers starting next month), our butterfingers are thanking their lucky stars right now that someone is finally designing a device for the accident-prone.
openerPhoto: Via Business Insider.

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