Paris Hilton Wears This Halloween’s Most Popular Outfit To Kate Hudson’s Party

Prepare to see a lot more of this look over the coming days...Paris Hilton defied our expectations this weekend by demonstrating that she might just have a pretty good sense of humor. The socialite rocked up to Kate's LA party in what we're certain is the Halloween outfit of 2013: Miley at the VMAs.
Paris aced the look thanks to a combination of teddy leotard, space buns, and plenty of visible tongue. To our knowledge she neglected to accessorize with a large foam hand, but we're quite grateful for this omission.
The trick or twerk outfit was worn to Kate Hudson's Halloween party in Brentwood. Other notable attendees included Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who went for a Hansel and Gretel theme, Jessica Alba in an unspecified costumed that comprised pyjamas and a large wig, Bradley Cooper dressed as a gorilla, and Fergie, who channeled Elvira, Mistress Of Darkness.
While we still mourn the golden age of Heidi 'n' Seal's Halloween parties (crows! crazy robots! inside-out bodies! forbidden fruit!), it's good to know that Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are poised to become the next first couple of Halloween. We just hope that their outfits live up to those of their predecessors. (Mirror)

Photo: Via The Mirror


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