Apple Didn’t Make A Gold iPad, Just Looked Big & Bad

goldipadPhoto: Via Business Insider.
This week, some of you waited with bated breath for Apple to unveil an iPad that would match your Kardashian-gold iPhone. Alas, that time did not come. Apple has stuck with its white/silver and black/grey colorways for the time being, on both the new iPad Air and the iPad Minis with Retina Display.

So, why didn't they consider precious gold? Tech journalist John Gruber of Daring Fireball said this: "My understanding is that they tried it, and it just didn’t look good bigger. It works on the iPhone because the iPhone is so much smaller — more like jewelry."
Well, there you have it. A gold iPhone 5S is tasteful bling. A gold iPad, however, falls into Midas territory.(Business Insider)

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