Katy Perry: The Early Aught Angst Princess Turned Prismatic Style Star

Let's rewind it back to 2004: NASA confirmed water once existed on Mars, Athens hosted the Olympics, and Katy Perry was rocking Joan Jett hair. Don't believe us? The following photographs are proof (there's another 2004 reference for ya — Taking Back Sunday, anyone?). Before she was maybe kissing girls, fulfilling teenage dreams, and walking on air, Perry was a wannabe lady rocker.
Her evolution into a pop star is one for the books. Awkward? For sure, but hey, we've all gone through the angst-induced bangs and sloppy-sexy-dressing phases. Heck, at least Perry wasn't caught wearing a popcorn shirt. Though, something tells us she'd rock one today with ease and grace. Looking back on her transformation from budding pop starlet into worldwide superstar with a fan base sizable enough to garner its own name, we have only four words: Praise you, Katy Perry.
And, since it's her birthday today, it's the most opportune time to pay homage to one of the more genuinely honest and emotional transformations of a celebrity. So, here's to you, Katy Perry. Here's to your fearless approach to wearing your heart on your sleeve, owning the awkward, bumbling looks, and transforming into the prismatic personality you've become today.

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