These Celebrity Age Projections Are Freaking Us Out

Sometimes it seems like celebrities just don't age. In fact, we've held many a theory that some of our favorite A-listers are, in fact, robots. Since modern technologies like botox and night creams will most likely keep us from ever seeing these actors develop but a single face wrinkle, the image site is sponsoring a contest to find out how popular celebs would age. If they were humans and not robots, that is.
The resulting images are slightly terrifying and altogether hilarious. Each picture was created by the site's photoshoppers, and some celebrities fared better than others. Man crush extraordinaire Leo DiCaprio was turned into something of a silver fox, but Miley Cyrus wasn't quite as lucky. In short, we're a little scared after seeing her transformation. And, it seems said photoshoppers have quite the sense of humor, as they turned poor George Clooney into a balding old man. Click over to Fast Company to see all of the celebs. (Fast Company)
oPhoto: Via Fast Company.

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