Kanye West Had A Camera Crew Film His Proposal To Kim, Naturally

The Kimye wedding saga continues, as more and more information of America's honorary duke and duchess' engagement emerge. Now instead of daydreaming what a $9 million proposal looks like, we can watch one. Thank the celeb gods.
West had an impromptu kamera krew on hand to film the entire arrangement. It's all here, including the sparklers, fireworks, the 50-piece orchestra, the LED-lit "PLEEESE MARRY MEEE!!!," and the entire K-Krew storming the field. Oh, and yes, West did do the whole down on one knee thing; this video is proof. And, you know what? All ridiculousness of the entire operation aside, it's a magical moment. West really pulled out all the stops for Kardashian. The two (plus the entire Kardashian Klan) seem genuinely happy. Sure, reading about the cost can illicit a deadpan reaction (a $3 million ring? Seriously?), but seeing it all — his adoration and hers — is heartwarming. West seems to truly care for Kim, and that's the most important part. Everything else is trivial. (Us Weekly)

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