Retro Celebrity Weddings We're Swooning Over

Wedding season is over, but wedding planning season is just beginning, and we've got just the thing to inspire you. We've combed through some of the most celebrated celebrity weddings of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and found wedding day pics that are simply too good not to share. So, take a look, and share your own favorite iconic celebrity weddings in the comments.
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Photo: REX USA/Everett Collection.
Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow were married for less than two years — he served her with divorce papers on the set of Rosemary's Baby after she refused to quit the film to work on his movie The Detective. But, for a brief moment, they were very, very attractive together.
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Photo: Norman Potter / REX USA.
Really, nobody can beat Mick and Bianca Jagger — the two were married in 1971 and divorced seven years later — when it comes to be super, duper sexy.
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Photo: James Gray / Associated / REX USA.
Singer Suzi Quatro married her guitarist Len Tucky in 1976, while wearing in matching suits and'70s-approved wide ties.
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Photo: Associated Newspapers/Rex USA.
In the late '70s, indie girl pin up Marianne Faithfull married her second husband Ben Brierly of the punk band The Vibrators. This delicious, decolletage-baring ensemble is what she wore to the ceremony.
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Photo: Jamie Wiseman / Daily Mail / Rex USA.
Now she's married to a guy named Ned Rocknroll, but back in 1998, Kate Winslet married fellow actor Jim Threapleton. The marriage was short-lived — the couple divorced in 2001, and she went on to marry Sam Mendes in 2003 (that relationship lasted until 2010), but they'll always have this very Titanic-influenced wedding.
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Photo: James Gray/Daily Mail/Rex USA.
This image isn't from a wedding, per se, but rather a fabulous runway look worn by model Angie Bowie, that we had to share. It's a knit wedding dress with cock feathers sewn in, created by the designer Yuki. See why we had to share?!
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Photo: Jeremy Sutton Hibbert/Rex USA.
In 1999, gorgeous model Stella Tennant married French photographer David Lasnet near her childhood home of Oxnam, Scotland, in a simple and effortlessly elegant wedding look.
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Photo: Neville Marriner / REX USA.
We admit, we're not too familiar with British singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt's music, but does it really matter? He's got the most amazingly perfect '70s mustache ever, and his bride, musician Joanne Meill, has the dreamiest Prell girl hair. Plus, the flower girl? Too cute.
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Photo: Daily Mail/Rex USA.
Oh these two — aren't they amazing? Yoko Ono and John Lennon were married in Gibraltar in 1969, wearing matching white turtlenecks. Perfect.

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