This “Lost Boy” Finds His Way Home With Google Earth, We Cry Buckets

Technology is a beautiful thing. Much is made of the destabilizing and destructive effect technology has on our lives (inventor of Candy Crush, we're talking to you), but it's a force for good, too. In a video just published by Google Maps, Saroo Brierley reveals the heart breaking story of how he was separated from his family at the age of five, in India. A series of mishaps caused him to fall asleep on a train and wake up in a part of the continent very far away from his home. Luckily, after one failed kidnapping attempt, Brierley was found and adopted by a couple who took him back to Australia — where he has lived very happily for the last twenty-five years.
A beautiful story, no doubt. But, the memories of that fateful day have always stayed with him, as he had no way to trace his family or find his way back to his birthplace. Until now. Recently, Brierley came to the realization that he could use Google Earth and Google Maps to locate his family with the scant information he had at hand.
Unbelievably this system worked and…you know what, watch the video to see what comes next. If you're not openly weeping by the end, you must be made of stone. (Gawker)

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