Shhh! This Greenpoint Resto Serves Up Silent Meals

If you're looking for a new dining experience, consider this: Eat, a Greenpoint restaurant focused on locally sourced ingredients, is now serving four-course dinners — in complete silence. Yeah, that's right, a totally zen meal without constant interruptions from buzzing cell phones, obnoxious guests, and deafening banter. To most New Yorkers, this sounds like an unheard of luxury.
Chef Nicholas Nauman introduced the idea to the restaurant after reflecting on his time spent at a Buddhist monastery in India. There, he had a silent breakfast every morning. So far, the idea has been embraced by Eat's patrons, who have sold out the restaurant's silent nights. We love the idea, but it got us wondering, could you last through a meal on mute? (CBS New York)
EmbedEat-Restuarant-1Photo: via Eat.