Google’s Smartwatch To Hit The Market On Halloween?

From Apple’s rumored iWatch to Google Glass to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, there’s no quieting the stir wearable tech has recently created. And, amid the buzz of the aforementioned comes another iteration to consider — the Google Smartwatch (which apparently has the Google code name “Gem”). After Google purchased Wimm, an Android-based smartwatch maker, chatter about the company possibly teetering into similar turf has gained momentum.
And, it seems like the rumor mill might be right, after 9to5Google claimed an inside source spilled the deets on the device. Supposedly the wristwatch, which operates similar to the voice-directed Google Glass, allows users to check email, SMS, Google News, and get this…it may be out earlier than we think! October 31st, to be exact. Sure, we’re still wrapping our heads around the thought of having our devices strapped to our bodies 24/7, but we do have to admit that this one sounds pretty snazzy. That said, we’ll just have to wait and watch for Google’s next move.
openerPhoto: Via Google9to5