Our Favorite Otherworldly Styles From Comic-Con

Can you feel it? Another one of those inspiring autumn weekends where Princess Leia, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Loki can frolic through the multiverse and end up drinking beers and shooting the breeze alongside the Hudson River. Better than Halloween, it's Comic-Con season in New York City, leading over 100,000 people to express devotion to their favorite comic institutions in elaborate costume format. #NYCC is a massive annual pop-culture event that has ballooned in popularity, yet somehow still flies under the radar of those less than immersed in the worlds of gaming, science fiction, and, of course, comics.
But, it's mainstream relevance continues to rise (just ask the cast of The Hunger Games). Anyone with a basic eye for aesthetics can't help but fall in love with the unbridled enthusiasm and committed creativity of the kids who descend upon #NYCC. Unlike, say, your average Fashion Week event, there's no pretense about being above it all or delicately bored. There's no irony, only extreme passion. Everyone is stoked to be at Comic-Con and to be there in their hyper-detailed-costume best (read: cosplay). We scoped out Instagram and picked out some of our own favorite looks created and worn by the women of Comic-Con. Catwoman is only the beginning!

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