SNL Recap: Bruce Willis Is Throwing A Boy Dance Party & Katy Perry “Roars”

Bruce Willis hosted Saturday Night Live this week, for the first time in nearly 25 years — the last time was to promote Look Who's Talking — which seems weird. Willis is a funny guy. His Die Hard movies and more recently, his part in The Expendables franchise, prove that. So, how'd he fare?
Well, the episode certainly wasn't as hyped up as last week's Miley Cyrus-hosted show. But, it was passably good. The cold open touched on the country's hottest movie, Gravity, and the government shutdown. Plus, it featured our favorite player, Kate McKinnon, as a vaguely Eastern European custodial worker.
But, the highlight of the night? We're going with "Boy Dance Party," a skit that's exactly what it sounds like. It's what we've always imagined might secretly happen when our guy friends stay home to "watch the game."
Allow us to share its lyrical wit: "In the olden days/ the ladies stayed home and the men went to work / but now it's time for the ladies to get out / so the men can twerk." Pretty genius, no?
And then there was Katy Perry's awesome turn as musical guest. She performed her already-in-your-head hit "Roar" and her new poppy, dance-y track "Walking on Air."
We can't get over the campy choreography for "Walking on Air." You know those dancers were having a great time.
What did you think of Willis' (and Katy's!) turn?

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