Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer Has Written A Tell-All, But Is There Anything More To Say?

laura wasser embedPhoto: Via the New York Times/Rainer Hosch.
Given the public fall-out from the Kim 'n' Kris split, it's hard to believe that there is any more to know about this particular Kardashian divorce. We were wrong: apparently there are lessons that we can all learn.
Kim Kardashian's divorce lawyer Laura Wasser has written a new catchily-titled book, It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way: How To Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself.
Laura, who has also represented Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, Heidi Klum and a major chunk of Hollywood's angry spouses, offers tips for divorcing like grownups, along with plenty of juicy divorce stories from her own experience. She doesn't give any names—there are those pesky client and attorney privileges, after all—but it still promises to be a fascinating read.
Laura reminds readers that marriage is a contract and “if the ‘provider’ is no longer able to provide the unlimited credit card spending at Prada, Chanel, Gucci and Hermès, the deal has changed. A new deal must be negotiated.” Useful to know, right?
Anecdotes from her clientele include one about a band's bass player getting high while going over a settlement, a client's ex-wife who used a telephone receiver to 'beat herself up' so that he got the blame, and another angry spouse who steamed all the labels off her husband's priceless wine collection so that they was completely worthless. But it's not all dirty laundry, Laura says that some high profile divorces were exemplary in their dealings: “although it’s incredibly emotional, emotions should not come into your negotiations. Rise above it, like Katherine Hepburn or Lady Diana.”
Need a crash course in divorce, Hollywood-style? You can grab your copy from Amazon.

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