Cynthia Rowley Adorably Pranks Strangers In New Video

With Fashion Week behind her, Cynthia Rowley decided it was time for fun. Think the good-old fashion kind — like the childhood pranks you used to play, but now, with better clothes. In "Big Hugs," Rowley sends Athena Calderone and Hailey Gates down the street, walking right toward an unsuspecting stranger, arms up ready for an embrace. Little does the stranger know, the Cynthia Rowley-clad girl is aiming for someone right behind them. #Awkward.
Listen, we've fallen for this before. We may have even hugged a stranger — it happens. But, we don't feel so bad when Bravo's Andy Cohen and Waris Ahluwalia fall for it, too. And, because all's fair in love and practical jokes, watch the end to see who's the ultimate prankster.

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