Apple’s iPhone 5C Ads Are Delicious Eye Candy

There's no denying it: Apple's new, thirty-second "Plastic Perfected" iPhone 5C ads look positively delectable. The company's latest models resemble vibrant candy in the making, complete with delicious swirls, smooth edges, and mouthwatering colors — pushed up even more by Sleigh Bells' catchy tune, "Rill Rill.". It's the kind of marketing that will catch your eye and make you pause in appreciation, even in the midst of multitasking or channel surfing. Now, that's when you know you have an effective, ADHD-proof ad!
Could the iPhone 5C's smooth confectionery vibes mean that Apple is taking a bite out of Android's new Kit Kat campaign? All we can say is, the more these gadgets resemble treats, the better. Reportedly, the 5C — and its sister phone, the 5S — are already selling out, with a whopping 100,000 units reserved of each. (Sprint will even be offering the phone for free for new customers.) Watch the iPhone 5C ad below. [Fast Company]

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