Sky Ferreira Got Arrested: Gorgeous Mugshot, Grisly Details

Musician, model, and muse Sky Ferreira was arrested with her boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith in upstate New York this weekend. According to this area police blotter, Ferreira was found to have Ecstasy on her person and also resisted arrest. Smith's story is more complicated, however. He was apparently driving an unregistered truck with stolen plates, without a license, when the police searched the vehicle and found "42 decks" of heroin. We'll update as details emerge.
The pair was taken to a local jail and released on bail. They were back on stage the next night at Basilica Soundscape. We've always been big fans of Sky, having hung around a bit with her at Coachella. We just hope she's doing alright and that she can deal with the consequences in a mature and responsible way. (The Cut)
picImage: Via The Cut.