We Discuss Jennifer Garner's Career (And Outfit)

With all of this Batman hype, Ben Affleck's getting a lot of attention. And, while we're infinitely fascinated by the actor, we thought we'd take this opportunity to spend some time on his better half. Jennifer Garner may not be the hottest commodity at the box office right now, but we have little doubt that she's one of Hollywood's power moms. Besides the fact that she has the cutest (and, more importantly, normal) kids ever, she seems to be one of the most devoted and family-oriented ladies around. So, when The Fug Girls took a look at her recent red carpet appearance, we were all eyes — and ears.
Jen switched from casual cool to fancy pants for the Toronto Film Festival premiere of her new flick Dallas Buyers Club. Taking a, well, harsher approach, The Fug Girls are imploring her to get more creative, with fashion — and her film repertoire. They point out that, with the exception of her upcoming appearance opposite Matthew McConaughey, she has not had an outstanding role since her days on the epic Alias. And, they fear that her red carpet taste is following in her resumé's bland footsteps.
While we have to admit that her current outfit isn't nearly on par with her awards season wardrobe, we think that TFG might be a little to harsh on our Jen. We get it, she's an awesome person who deserves better than The Odd Life of Timothy Green, but we will argue that Jen herself seems pretty damn secure (and, gasp, happy!) with her life choices, both sartorial and professional. Tell us what you think: Should Jen step up her red carpet and silver screen game, or is she a-okay in your book? (The Fug Girls)
oPhoto: Via The Fug Girls

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