Orange Is The New Black Star Talks Makeup And Dermatologists

To put it mildly, we adore Taystee from Orange Is The New Black. And, it seems that we are easily able to translate that love onto Danielle Brooks, the actress who plays her, based on this oh-so-genuine and down-to-earth interview she did with Into The Gloss. Brooks spills her personal beauty routine as well as how she felt about her character's minimal makeup: "I was like, ‘Please, I just want my eyebrows arched! Please!’ But they weren’t having it." We're pretty sure that's exactly how we would feel, too.
Admirably, Brooks prioritizes going to the dermatologist as the cornerstone of her skin-care routine — something we should probably do more of. See? It's almost like we're having our own conversation with her, just by reading things she said. God, she's so cool.
We also love seeing the image of Taystee, ahem, Brooks, out of character and in full makeup. She's so much more glamorous than we ever imagined. We'll add this article to the list of things to hold us over until Season 2. (Into The Gloss)
taystee openerPhoto: via Into The Gloss.

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