Harper Beckham Is Adorable, Anna Wintour Is Pleased

Some babies are born with silver spoons in their mouths. Others just get to trot around Fashion Week with their famous Dad and receive cooing attention from the industry's most powerful people. Harper Beckham is definitely the latter (though we won't rule out the former just yet).
In what is possibly the best Fashion Week Instagram we've ever seen, the normally icy Anna Wintour is pictured not only sans sunglasses, but also with a smile on her face — something she usually reserves only for Roger Federer. This is no posed grin, though. This is a look of pure adoration. It's the expression we imagine we'd have if we were confronted by David and Harper Beckham at once. That, or some kind of red-faced grimace resulting from a failed attempt not to weep with joy.
This unprecedented event took place front row at Victoria Beckham's show at Lincoln Center this morning, and Vogue Paris caught it on film phone. It's one of the most exclusive shows to get into, but of course, these three have no trouble with that. Next up: Harper on the September 2014 cover? Please, please, yes. (Fashionista)

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