WATCH: So, Tavi Gevinson Is In James Gandolfini’s Last Film (!!)

While the rest of the fashion world is ramping up for NYFW, Tavi Gevinson is officially launching her next career move. (What, is blogger, editor, business owner, author, and singer not enough?!) Quietly and without fanfare, Tavi Gevinson has a turn in her first film — which also happens to be James Gandolfini's last. In the picture, she stars as Julia Louis-Dreyfus' near-college age, totally precocious daughter. Louis-Dreyfus is Gandolfini's love interest, who finds out that Gandolfini is also her good pal's ex...and hilarity ensues and lessons learned.
The film is notable because it is a dry romantic comedy, which was atypical for the late actor, who often played harder, more gritty roles. But, we see him right at home with Tavi, verbally sparring with her over breakfast. With so many other projects under her belt, it feels only fitting that the teen try her hand at acting. We are sure she is awesome at she is with everything else.

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