Want To Know What Makes Us Tick? Check Out Our Panels At SXSW!

leila2Photographed by Winnie Au
To be honest, here at R29, we come up with some pretty great ideas. Whether they be putting Grumpy Cat in a dress or dedicating a whole month to people who inspire us, the people behind our site are eating their Wheaties, daily. So, when we discovered that other people (mainly, those at SXSW) also think our ideas are good? Unabashed pride. Which is why we are hoping you, our wonderful and dedicated readers, will vote for us to speak at South By Southwest this coming March.
Our panel, hosted by senior news editor Leila Brillson (a.k.a. me!), is titled The Art Of The Facebook Call Out and addresses the best way to engage and entice your social media audience. The discussion will cover headline writing, image posting, and other ways to make your Facebook presence just — well, snazzier. Topics like, What sort of words do best? How can you thrill your audience without giving too much away? Also, for your business-minded types, our CRO Melissa Goidel will discuss how to interweave native ads into content creation to create a seamless user experience (one of the hardest things we do at R29). Lastly — but certainly not least-ly — our founder Philippe Von Borries is speaking on a panel titled, "Bootstrapping Your Startup to Success," which discusses how a small media company can expand in this competitive business atmosphere. Definitely great for fledgling entrepreneurs.
So in order for us to get into these juicy conversations, we need to be voted on (by you guys!). Will you do us a solid and help us get to Austin? Vote for the Facebook callout how-to, the native ad discussion, and the start-up send-up at the SXSW Panel Picker, and we'll (hopefully) see you there!

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