Lady Gaga’s Real Hair Was The Star At The iTunes Festival

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP project, as vague and pretentious as her artist statement was, is beginning to make some sense as we approach its November release date. The theatrics we're used to (the towering platforms, the ostentatious looks) are all there, but she's much more transparent about the transformation process now.
None of this was more apparent than this past Sunday when she kicked off the 30-day iTunes Music Festival in London. In the span of an hour and some-odd minutes, Gaga went through seven costume changes — all on stage for the audience to see. From one wig to another, the blank canvas she's made of herself was revealed. It wasn't until halfway through her eight-song set that she paused to unveil the girl behind the character of Lady Gaga. "In order to grow, I knew I had to show you what's underneath all the theatre, so here I am," she said removing the wig cap to unleash a jet-black messy bob. "This is my real hair."
Don't expect to see more of the "real" Stefani Germanotta walking around in flats, ripped tights, and cutoffs, though. That girl is now a character in Lady Gaga's show — the blank canvas that's necessary to create the enigmatic pop star. (Grazia Daily)
ladygagaImage: via Grazia Daily.

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