Ashley Madekwe As A Beauty Editor: We’re Into It

Fun fact: We love Ashley Madekwe. We're not sure if it's her classically pretty looks, her charming accent, her personal style blog, or her roller coaster of a subplot on Revenge, but we're totally hooked on everything this gorgeous gal does. Her newest creation is, excitingly, right up our alley.
Madekwe sat down with the beauty blog Byrdie and did a completely beautiful edit of fall nail colors. We're really into what she came up with, like a NARS punk-inspired purple hue for the holidays. We've never been happier to see an alternative to the usual red/green/sparkles.
If you're wondering why Madekwe was qualified to be a stand-in beauty editor, well, as the piece says, she changes up her nail color on the daily. That's... definitely more than we do. We highly recommend you head on over to Byrdie and check out what other fall nail colors Madekwe curated. We'll just be here, not-so-quietly hoping she continues to be a regular in the beauty sphere. (Byrdie)
ashley madekwe openerphoto: via byrdie.