Jennifer Lopez’s New Perfume Is Nothin’ But Love

jennifer-lopez-jlove-eau-de-parfum-fragrancePhoto: Courtesy of Coty.
It's been eleven years since Jennifer Lopez debuted her first fragrance, Glow. And in eleven years, she's managed to fit nineteen other fragrances under her well-perfumed belt with this fall's JLove being her twentieth. Lopez told WWD she "fell in love with the business" after her first foray, but love seems to be an understatement — a twenty perfume deep understatement.
J.Lo collaborated with Coty again for her new installment, and worked to create a scent "that’s glamorous and kind of sexy at the same time.” White raspberry, frozen pineapple, pink grapefruit, and tangerine top notes fade into floral middle notes with a dried musk base. It's the musk that threads Lopez's fragrance oeuvre together. "I always want to put a musk base on it, because I feel like it gives such a nice sexiness at the bottom," she explained. As for the name? Well, aside from it being a riff on her nickname, it stands as a testament to her entire career thus far: "We decided to call it JLove for that very reason, because it encompasses everything about me in one simple little word.”
Hopefully J. Lo(ve)'s been training because she's facing some serious competition this season with Katy Perry looking to usurp her celebrity perfume throne. Anyone down for another round of Perfume Pop Quiz? (WWD)

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