KStew Is Tastefully Topless In New Balenciaga Ad

kristen-stewart-adPhoto: Via Marie Claire.
Kristen Stewart's gorgeous, new Balenciaga fragrance ad stopped us in our tracks — a tough thing to do the Friday before a holiday weekend. The juxtaposition of her signature facial expression (is it apathy or sultriness? no one knows — she's just so pretty) with a soft, smoky eye creates the perfect backdrop for the vibrant floral vine creeping up her back. Hey, speaking of her back, girlfriend's seriously topless. While there's no full KStew boob here (you should watch On the Road for that), there is a sliver of extremely tasteful side-boob. Side-boob, in fact, has never looked so classy.
In other news, her perfectly messy chignon situation has convinced us that Stewart really needs to cut her hair off and get a pomp. It wouldn't look that different from this picture, but it would just be, you know, more permanent. Think about how good it would look on her with a blazer, and then try to tell us you don't agree. (Marie Claire)

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