We Aren't Quirky Enough For This Manic-Pixie Dating Site

Introducing Loveflutter, the dating website for aspiring manic-pixie dream girls. While the site doesn't bill itself as a surefire way to meet your dream Michael Cera or Natalie Portman, the freshly launched dating service isn't letting in anyone who is "boring." Of course, what makes someone interesting is entirely subjective — but defining oneself as "quirky," complete with Zooey Deschanel bangs and knitted mittens — is just as predictable as, well, being predictable.
The site will only let you join if you pass a particular quirky-interesting quotient that is apparently determined by a test comprised of 10 questions (and if you pass, then you are officially "interesting" and should date other like-minded, "interesting" people!). So, we took it — and by we, I mean, me: Leila Brillson, R29's Senior News Editor.
To be fair, on paper, I am pretty weird. I don't know if I am quirky and/or interesting, but I spend a lot of time thinking about things and my goal in life is to develop a personality test based on your favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan. I also like talking to porn stars and stars we wish were in porn — and cats (they don't have anything to do with porn, FYI). So why didn't I pass? Let's examine:

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