This Courtney Love Interview Is Mostly Swear Words, Also Awesome

courtneyEMBEdImage: Via @Courtney.
In case you'd like to take a break from the Miley Cyrus hullabaloo and read about another blonde star who doesn't give a flying f*ck, this Courtney Love interview in Vanity Fair is for you. With some new tracks on the way, Love is hitting the press circuits again to promote her new music, plus an autobiography which she says will be called — get ready for it — Girl with the Most Cake.
But that's only the tip of the iceberg. When she gets into the deets about her clothing collection, things really get...interesting. When asked if she felt like she was fraternizing with the enemy by getting into the fashion game, Love responded: "No, what happened was, in 2006, I got booted out of fashion. I had to go to Paris and suck it up and only go to like two shows." But luckily, a couple of fancy people, like designer Riccardo Tisci and photgrapher Panos Yiapanis, picked her up. "And then the next time I went to Paris," she says, "I was all of a sudden in fashion again, to the point where I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I was kind of chunky, and everyone is throwing couture, and I’m invited to 100 shows. It’s hard to go from super unpopular to popular."
Unfortunately, she never really gets into the goings-on of her own Never the Bride collection, but she does gush endlessly about "ferrets dressed as Edwardian nannies" that she discovered on "this Web site called Etsy." And then there's the fact that after "declaring celibacy" for two years, she finally learned how to knit and solder and crochet and do all kinds of other things.
Honestly, there is so much happening in this interview, it's pretty hard to adequately represent it here. She talks about her favorite lyrics, Hedi Slimane trying to be the next Rodarte, going to the movies with Sean Penn, and getting back into acting (Love says she's looking into some work for HBO and Showtime). Perusing this interview is like being a gentle fawn, dipping your little deer nose into the cool clear water, and then BAM — suddenly finding yourself plunged into a raging whirlpool. Will you just read it already? (Vanity Fair)