Jared Leto’s Pants Cost More Than A College Tuition

There was an audible gasp last night when Jared Leto appeared on the VMA red carpet. Okay, to be honest, his mere ageless presence is enough to drop a few jaws, but wowza! The long-haired look is a tricky road for any man to trek down, but Leto wasn't trekking, he was in full-on strut mode. It's as if the hair Bey cut off magically found its way to Leto's precious head and infused its magical diva powers into every fiber of his being. That, or it's the almost $7,000 pants he was rocking.
We're not yanking your chain with that last bit. Leto rocked Saint Laurent's fall/winter 2013 biker pants at the VMAs, and according to Ssense, they're worth a casual $6,790. Chump change, no? Obviously not, but Leto doesn't need that reminder — he's too busy giving everyone a lesson in how to wear designer clothes without making it look like they cost more than an in-state SUNY semester tuition. (Complex)

Photo: via Instagram / @mtv.


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