True Life: You Shouldn't Try To Steal From Sephora

sephora-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Sara McDowell.
Apparently, shoplifting is not just a teenage fad. On Thursday, Katherine Krukowski, 33, was caught attempting to steal $2,739 worth of goods from the Sephora store at 555 Broadway. At such a hefty tab, we had to wonder just how many items it takes to total such a high bill. The answer is 69. Krukowski placed the items into a shopping bag from another store, but when she tried to leave without paying, a security guard searched her bag.
Krukowski was arrested by officers from the First Precinct and now faces two felony charges for grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. Though we'd certainly welcome an additional collection of nail polishes, blushes, and lippies into our lives, stealing is always wrong. Plus, think of all those Beauty-Insider points she would have gotten had she purchased them fair and square. (DNA Info)

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