The Rihanna Hair Saga Took A Surprising New Turn

Let's be real: Rihanna should have taken "We Can't Stop" as a single instead of letting Miley twerk all over it, because Rih cannot stop...changing her hair. Roll your eyes, sigh if you want to, but she's rih-ly outdone herself this time (a difficult task, yes, but not impossible). The whole sayonara weave, hello au naturel look didn't last but a month before she up and changed it. Let's break it down:

All looks fine from the front. We've seen this look before at the beginning of the Unapologetic era. Upon further Instagram inspection, however, the more we realized something's very, ve-rih different.
What's that? Is RiRi having a party on the back of her head?
Yup, definitely a party; definitely a mullet. Saying Rihanna has one, though, doesn't sound so strange. She's basically done everything (except full chrome dome), so this cut (or zweave?) was almost inevitable. It's daring, but not terrible. Rihdiculous, yes; trendsetting, probably not. We'll give this look another week before RiRi calls the party (in the back) off.
Photos: via Instagram / @badgalriri.

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