Watch: The David Sedaris Movie Trailer Is Here!

If you're any bit as Sedaris-crazy as we are over here, you'll be watching and re-watching the just-released trailer to his new semi-biopic. C.O.G. (that stands for "Child Of God") is based on a short story from his collection Naked, and sure to translate to all audiences that have ever gone (or dreamed of going) off the grid. The teaser opens with the adorable Jonathan Groff (in the film's leading role) stating, "I think that religion is meant for people who aren't smart enough to understand how the world really works," as he heads to Oregon to work in an apple factory. The rest of the comical story ensues as Samuel (based on Sedaris) bumbles his way through the religious small town, finding himself all the while. But as far as we can tell from the two-minute preview, the film, like Sedaris' relatable, touching stories, is thoughtful without being cheesy. See below for yourself and let us know what you think. (Paper Mag)

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