The Worst People On Tinder — And How To Avoid Their Lonely Fate

When it comes to online dating (or doing anything social online, really), your profile picture is key. You can have an eloquently written About Me and a range of interests that put you in a league of your own, but none of that truly matters if your default picture is bad. There are rules to the "prof pic" that must be adhered to, but they seem even more strict when wandering into purely visual online dating territory, like Tinder.
Living in the thick of the screenshot age has blessed us with an ample amount of opportunities to learn from other's mistakes. Why I Rejected You On Tinder is a 411 in what not to do when it comes to using the app. The Tumblr compiles user submissions and the creator's own screenshots of people that have been "swiped left" out of their ever-expanding digital networks (and lives), with a witty sentence as to why they were rejected. You know, it's great to be athletic, but when you are not-so-subtly showcasing your gym shorts bulge, you're probably going to terrify, well, everyone. Heed these warnings with care. (Complex)

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