10 Years After The O.C. (Yes, Really), A Look At Rachel’s Style Evolution

1Photo: Via The Fug Girls
Sure, the Rachel Bilson we know today is a total style star, but that doesn't mean she wasn't subjected to the same fashion missteps as the rest of us during the early aughts. She is human, after all. In honor of The O.C.'s 10th (yes, 10th!) anniversary, the Fug Girls put together an in-depth Summer Roberts retrospective, and it is good. While Bilson's general aesthetic through the years is quite pleasing (and let's not forget that enviable porcelain skin and impossibly shiny hair), there were some occasional doozies.
Call it the Curse of 2000, but everyone's favorite Orange County resident rocked everything from chartreuse lace-up boots to elastic ruffles to the ubiquitous bandage dress. Embarrassingly, we see a lot of our former fashion selves here — weren't every one of us guilty of at least a couple faux pas over the years? (We'll take low-slung belts for $500, Alex). The whole thing reads as a slightly hilarious, slightly nostalgic blast from the past, and reminds us that, no matter what, we've always had a major soft spot for the actress. And, we've always been a little jealous that she got to smooch Seth Cohen for all those years. (Go Fug Yourself)

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