Selfies Have Officially Conquered The World Of Magazine Covers

1Photo: Via Grazia Daily
We've been talking a lot about the Selfie Nation lately, and it seems like the social movement (because, let's face it, that's basically what it is) isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, #selfies have officially gone high fashion. The newest cover of i-D Magazine features none other than model Jourdan Dunn giving good her own iPhone camera.
Clad in a beanie and a ballet skirt, she mugs it for the proverbial 'gram. (Surprisingly, she chose the off-kilter silly face instead of the more ubiquitous duck face.) Dunn is an avid Instagrammer, so it's only natural that the mag chose her for its initiation into Selfie Nation. The model even introduced the cover to the world on Instagram, uploading a shot of the 'zine with the caption "My selfie is better than your selfie because my selfie is on the cover of i-D." You've got us there, girl. (Grazia Daily)

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