The Ladies Of Downton Abbey Glam Up, We Drool

There are several things in life that give us pure joy: chocolate, puppies, lipstick that lasts all day... and seeing the ladies of Downton Abbey out of costume. Luckily for our mid-week mood, they appeared in Los Angeles on Tuesday night for the press launch of the upcoming fourth series.
Every time the Granthams and their staff appear IRL, we really just can't handle the sudden modern glamour of their gorgeous, glowing faces. It's one thing to know in the back of our minds while we're watching that their beauty is adjusted to fit their characters (though Laura Carmichael will never be truly believable as the least pretty Grantham sister) but it's another thing entirely to see them dolled up to their fullest potential. They're all just so gorgeous — in a way that apparently the fashion of the early twentieth century doesn't fully flatter.
We were particularly thrilled to see them literally letting their hair down — especially the "downstairs" cast members who are basically only shown on the show with their hair pulled tightly back and tragically out of sight. Joanne Froggatt looked extra dreamy with her blonde hair in long, beachy waves, and Sophie McShera sported a red lip that we're obviously obsessed with. It's going to be so fun to watch them in their maid uniforms while picturing their makeup from this event.
We were also really into Michelle Dockery's look — her perfect bob and bright matte lips at this event spoke directly to our hearts. These photos will hold us off for now, but suddenly the January premier feels all too far away. (Huffington Post)
downton photo: via the huffington post.

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