We Found The World’s Weirdest Hat — & It. Is. Awesome.

1Photo: David Hartley/Rex/Rex USA
Based on amateur scientific research conducted by your very own R29 staff, we've come to the conclusion that a jaunty hat makes every possible scenario better. Heading to the beach? A floppy topper will perk up your outfit. Going day drinking? Don't forget your fedora! Of course, nowhere is that rule more applicable than in England — especially when you're talking about a day at the races.
As such, we give you what just might be the funniest (and jauntiest) hat headpiece in the entire world. Snapped on the lovely Anna Friel at the Glorious Goodwood Horse Race in West Sussex, this baby is so insane we don't even know where to begin. We assume the heart shape holds some personal significance for its wearer; and adding fresh flowers is always a lovely touch. Plus, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the amount of sheer joy the hat brings us bystanders. Sure, this may be a mighty odd hat by traditional standards, but just look at her face! We'd wear it, too, if we could have that much fun.

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