Bella Freud + Barbour? Just As Amazing As You'd Expect

Barbour1Photo: Courtesy of Barbour.
Knitwear designer Bella Freud has joined forces with Barbour to create a cashmere collection that sits precisely on the right side of whimsical. Yes, this is a collection of jumpers with animal motifs on them, but as the designer explains, “I wanted it to be about the country, and the way you think about the country when you're in the city. I drew things I remembered — a fox, a bit of lavender."
Ah okay, we get it. As city dwellers it is easy conjure up an image of the country in its most perfect, bucolic state. It’s those elements of the Great Outdoors that have informed Freud’s designs. A rabbit, a fox, and a pair of lambs all feature in Freud’s illustrations but there’s nothing cheesy or hackneyed about them. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that we’d really rather like to wear all six pieces from the collection. Except, with prices starting at £89.50, we may have to limit ourselves. Just until we win the Euro Millions, anyway. (The Telegraph)

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