Cat Deeley Is Totally Winning At Dark Lipstick

embedPhoto: Via Instagram
You guys, we have a confession to make: We follow Cat Deeley on Instagram. We're not exactly huge fans of So You Think You Can Dance, or anything, we just love to see what the bubbly blonde Brit is up to in her day-to-day life (hint: she makes it all look crazy-glamorous and super-fun).
Deeley always looks absolutely stunning on the 'gram — seriously, those waves, how DOES she do it?! — but, loyal fans that we are, even we were blown away by the beauty look that she donned on a recent evening while hosting SYTYCD. Some might say that her pairing up super-dark eyes and lips was over-the-top, but we think it was the good side of vampy.
We love how her defined lashes and burgundy lips add a bit of edge and dark glamour to her Old-Hollywood look. We're dying to know what that lippie shade is, but in the meantime, we're suddenly really jazzed for fall and its moodier color palette. Thanks for the inspo, Cat!