Little Miss Sunshine Just Got All Blonde Bombshell On Us

abigail-breslinPhoto: Matt Baron/BEImages
Let's just take a minute to ignore the super-blonde, verging-on-purple hair sported by Abigail Breslin and think about the weird red carpet choice that you only see in Los Angeles. For some reason, the City Of Angels loves to put people on grass, often in front of weird shrubbery. And this is supposed to be a sort of quaint red carpet setup, which it definitely is not.
With bizarro suburban postulation out of the way, we are free to go back to Abigail Breslin. Remember Breslin, the precociously adorable star of Little Miss Sunshine? Or the sassy gun-toting little sister in Zombieland? While she has taken a step away from the limelight, Breslin is by no means out of it, but we have — erm — kind of forgotten how she looks. Last time we saw her, she was impressing/surprising us alongside Halle Berry at The Call premiere, but this look has a distinct bohemian angsty vibe, right? Maybe it's her scowl (which is probably due to the sun being directly in her poor face), or her bouffant, but it's clear Breslin is over the "Little" descriptor of her most famous role. Also, she's got a healthy obsession with peroxide, too, with nary a root in sight.
To be honest, her look at The Call premiere was stunning, while this may not be our favorite — but she is 16. (If someone was documenting our style experiments at that age, we'd have fared far worse.) But with Breslin's role in the much-anticipated Ender's Game coming up, she'll certainly get a turn to strut her red carpet stuff.

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