Stellar! The AstroTwins & Nifty Thrifty Kick Off Monthly Cosmic Sales

Horoscope junkies, prepare yourself for one imaginative (celestial, even) collaboration, which we're ready to place our bets on. Brooklyn-based e-commerce site Nifty Thrifty has teamed up with our in-house astrologers, the AstroTwins, to roll out a stellar fashion collection and shopping experience tailored entirely to your Zodiac sign. Um, sign us up!
The partnership will entail a series of monthly vintage sales inspired by each of the Sun Signs, with the first collection, Leo, hitting the net today. The inspired fashion pieces will be broken down by color, material, and style to channel each particular Zodiac sign. On deck for the Leo collection are bold shades of royal blue, emerald green, and metallics, and fun materials like gold lamé, sequins, and mixed-and-matched prints — nope, it's not for the faint of heart. The curated looks will also include a nod to the Leo symbol, the lion, with wild patterns, dramatic accessories, and faux fur to bring out your inner lioness vibes.
We're never ones to miss out on a Nifty Thrifty sale (like, ever), so we won't start lagging behind today. Hop on over when the stars align and the collection goes live.
Photo: Courtesy of NiftyThrifty

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