Pati Dubroff Has A Makeup Line And You Can Get It At Costco

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We've always thought that Costco would someday take over the world, and this basically seals the deal: Pati Dubroff, makeup artist to the stars, has released a line of professional quality cosmetics that's now being sold at everyone's favorite destination for ambiguously necessary bulk purchases. Now that we can buy super-pretty lip crayons along with 18 bottles of dish soap, faux Uggs, and five pound boxes of blackberries, we don't really know why we would shop anywhere else.
Really though, the makeup is awesome. The heavily pigmented eyeshadows are beautiful, and we're pretty much always in the market for lip crayons that promise a hint of color with a silky-sheer finish. Our favorite part about the crayons is that since they're sold in a set, we can mix them to our hearts content — though the original colors are so nice that we're not sure we'll ever want to alter them.
We love what Dubroff does as makeup artist, and we trust her product to be as lovely as the rest of her work. Plus, since it's super-affordable (like everything at Costco), she's really bringing beauty back to the people, which we're into. We find it really interesting that Costco, of all retailers, are releasing product lines with some of the most storied names in the hair and beauty biz. First Orlando Pita, now Pati Dubroff — we can't wait to see who's next on their all-star roster. [Cough] Charlotte Tilbury, please [cough]

Pati Dubroff Beauty, $14.99-$16.99, available at Costco stores.

Photo: Courtesy of The Collective Agency

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