Nail Art For… Marriage Equality?

We have incredibly mixed feelings about this video from in which model/photographer Hanneli Mustaparta shows viewers how to get the HRC's marriage equality symbol on their mani. On the one hand, hooray! Thanks for the support. On the other hand... while we love a good nail art project, we wouldn't exactly say that a manicure functions as activism — no matter how well those white equal signs match her dress.
When it comes to marriage equality, having one's heart in the right place definitely counts for a lot. We're just not sure if we can get behind the self-congratulatory nature of this one — though we are sure that despite our skepticism, her nails do look great.
Does having an equality symbol on one's nails automatically make someone a good ally? Obviously not. But, we can envision this mani as a potential conversation starter amidst people unfamiliar with the symbol — and if Mustaparta is game to explain why marriage equality is important to her to people who might not share that opinion, well then maybe just she will have figured out how to turn her nail art into a vehicle for activism. And we hope there's a follow-up video to prove it. (Vogue)

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