Anna Chlumsky Has A Baby Girl And An Emmy Nom

Well, it's been quite the week for the former My Girl star. This morning she nabbed an Emmy nomination for her role as Amy Brookheimer in HBO's Veep, and now the news broke that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her daughter Penelope Joan So was born last Thursday, and, according to Chlumsky, is the perfect mix between her and her husband, Shaun So. Of course, as expected, motherhood isn't all play and no work, but those late-night feedings seemed to have served some good, particularly today — the actress was actually up with the newborn when her first-time Emmy nod was announced. Seems like the actress now has the most adorable party of three to help ring in the good news. Mazel tov on all fronts, Anna! (People)
Photo: Via People

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