Sunscreen That Sparkles —There’s A Twilight Joke In Here Somewhere, Just Give Us A Second

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If there's one thing we've learned from Twilight, it's that the only thing better than a vampire is a sparkly vampire — less terror, more glitter, right ladies? We think that's probably what these moms were thinking when they came up with a genius new way to get their kids to wear sunscreen: Make it sparkle.
The Glittertots Sparkle Screen (if we ever start an R29 twee pop band, that's what we're going to name it) is apparently all the rage with kids these days. Says Mary Morgan Akers, the daughter of the Glittertots founder, "I only wear Sparkle Screen." Since these tots are tomorrow's tastemakers, we better pay attention to their preferences. Specifically the preference to shine bright like a diamond, ahem, we mean bloodsucking creatures of the night — and no, we're not talking about the unfortunate day they become teenagers.
All joking aside, we think this SPF 30 is a great idea. Gimmicky, yes, but we're firmly behind anything that gets kids excited about sun protection. Our own childhood adversity to sunscreen and the resulting lobster flesh is still at the forefront of our memories. Where was Sparkle Screen when we were tiny? Plus, with its impressive list of all-natural ingredients and the comforting list of toxins that it doesn't contain, it's clear these moms really know what they're doing.

Glittertots Sparkle Screen SPF 30 Strawberry Scent, $22, available at Glittertots.

Photos: Via Glittertots

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