Our Own EIC Christene Barberich On Good Content (And Good Pizza!)

We've been checking up on The New Potato for their fresh crop of intimate profiles revealing the foodie lives of New York influencers and, well, tastemakers ever since the Kosann sisters started it a few months back. So, when the site asked to profile our own editor in chief, Christene Barberich, we reluctantly loaned her wisdom to her own New Potato Q&A.
This time, what was was served up (alongside a "very cold glass of Sancerre" — Christene's favorite drink) was some industry knowledge we all could learn from. First and foremost: good content, and that starts at the gut. "Lots of programming can have purpose, but for me, it’s content that stirs emotion and makes readers feel a part of something larger than themselves," Christene says. It's all about finding the void, instead of trying to fill it. "In terms of inspiration, you just can’t beat a navigation-less road trip somewhere very much off the beaten path. A nowhere that’s new is what truly feeds me." Well, there's the nowhere that feeds her and, of course, Christene's favorite NYC restaurants like Rucola, Nightingale 9, Tiny’s, and Bocca Lupo.
Click through for the full interview on The New Potato to spend some time with our beloved EIC. (The New Potato)
Photo: Via The New Potato

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