What Fitness Experts Eat After They Work Out (Hint: It's Not Cronuts)

It may seem a tad counterintuitive that eating after a workout can really help you achieve your healthiest body (most of us are in the gym because of snacking), but experts say that a quick snack after a hard sweat session can boost your efforts, help with recovery, and rebuild the muscle you’ve so diligently torn down in hopes of getting lean and mean. That, and it can keep you from undoing all your hard work by ravenously diving into a pile of cronuts because “you’ve earned it.”
What you eat makes all the difference, so we nabbed some of country’s top fitness instructors post-sweat session and asked them how they rejuvenated and held off the savage post-workout munchies. Get that shopping list ready — they’re about to dish.
Photo: Courtesy of Patchd.com

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