Getting Hitched? Dudes CAN (And Do) Wear Engagement Rings, Too

Okay, okay, we know this may sound completely insane to some of you, but women be proposin'. (Don't let that blow your mind too much. Take a moment for that to sink in. Everyone cool? Okay, let's move on.) Yes, apparently the rise in ladies who aren't afraid to get down on one knee and pop the question is rising, and with that comes the idea that, hey, maybe dudes should also be wearing engagement rings?
Business Insider spoke to four different guys (and took pains to point out how manly each of these men are) who are currently wearing engagement bands for various reasons. One was proposed to, another one felt it was appropriate, and a third had a fiancée who thought if she had to wear one, he should as well. The article acknowledges that the uptick in engagement bands for men may have to do with the rise in gay marriages, but it also indicates a change in tradition, with more jewelers crafting "masculine" bands (also hoping to increase sales). Whether this is a ploy to sell more rings or a legitimate change in mores, our inner feminist agrees: The stress of proposing should be equal opportunity, and if we have to wear a band showing our allegiance to a relationship, why shouldn't he? Let us know your thoughts below. (Business Insider)

Photo: Via Kay Jewelers