WATCH: Amanda Seyfried Brings Life To Porn In “Lovelace” Trailer

Though shooting wrapped, like 800 years ago, the trailer for Lovelace has been suspiciously absent — especially since the movie is set to hit theaters next month. Finally, however, it has appeared, and it has all the makings of an indie, possibly Oscar-winning, hit: A load of A-list stars, an entire Liberace-esque closet full of amazing '70s fashion, and Amanda Seyfried's gorgeous locks traded in for a mega-perm. It's clear that producers know Seyfried is the star of this one, allowing the Mean Girls/Les Mis good girl to swap her angelic singing voice for the raunchy story behind Deep Throat, porn's most infamous film.
Seyfried is playing Linda Lovelace, the star of Deep Throat, who initially said that the filming was "liberating" but later alleged she was forced to do the movie with "a gun to her head." Alongside Seyfried's wide-eyed depiction is Peter Sarsgaard as her abusive ex-husband, Chloë Sevigny as the thoughtful journalist (a serious trope for all biopics), and, of course, James Franco as Hugh Hefner. Just call him "Hef," he explains. Well, no indie movie is complete without the Franco, after all.

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